Five Staples To Update Your Wardrobe


There is nothing better than a fresh start. As one decade ends, and another begins it is the perfect time to consider how you will set the tone for the new year, particularly when it comes to your style. Here at the shop we are committed to helping you not only look but feel your best.

In this edition of Teddy’s Journal, we’ve put together a list of five staples that will help you build a solid wardrobe. Updating your look shouldn’t be stressful. In fact, we encourage you to be patient in the process of selecting new pieces. After all, building a great wardrobe is a marathon not a sprint. Learn to purchase quality over time.

As you look to find these staples, focus on the areas of fit and versatility. Before making a purchase stop to consider, “Does this garment truly fit me”? as well as “How might I be able to wear this piece in multiple ways”? A proper fit can make all the difference between a slouchy or polished look. Adopting this mind-set towards your closet will ensure your dollars stretch farther, as well as give you an appreciation for investing into pieces that will last you for the years to come.

A Well-Fitting Pair of Denim 

The first staple we recommend adding to your closet is a well-fitting pair of denim. A few things to consider are color and leg opening. For versatility purposes we recommend choosing a darker wash as this will help you dress up an otherwise casual look. A tapered leg can also be helpful in achieving the right fit. Our complimentary hem services will ensure your pants fall just right.

A Solid Textured Blazer  

Next, we recommend investing into a solid blazer. Traditionally speaking a navy blazer has always been the go-to, however, this is not limited to a specific color. Here at the shop we offer a variety of fabric options that vary in both color and texture. We’ve noticed the emergence of grey and brown tones in more recent seasons which is a great option if you are looking to stray from the ordinary. 

A Few Updated Dress Shirts

Nothing is more important than having a few quality dress shirts. A solid dress shirt is the canvas upon which every great look is built. Let’s face it they get more use than probably any other piece in your closet so refreshing them is pivotal to maintaining your wardrobe. When it comes to the proper shirt fit select the garment that will give you a comfortable amount of room but not so much room that you are drowning in excess fabric.


We recommend picking shirts with some detail. The beauty of a small scaled pattern is that it appears solid from afar yet offers added interest upon a closer look. Here at Roosevelt and Co we’re all about the details that will help set you apart.

A Versatile Loafer 

We realize a lot of times, what goes on your feet is the last thing you think about; but your footwear definitely does show a lot about your personal style. Investing in a pair of quality versatile dress loafers is a great way to expand the horizons of your closet and get you noticed! We love the Alan Payne Carr loafers because they will go with about anything in your closet from jeans to a suit. 

Notable Accessories  

Men who are fashion forward understand the value of accessories. You don’t have to break the bank to enhance your look. A few accessory staples to consider are pocket squares, bracelets, and patterned socks. These may seem like subtle additions, but they say a lot about your attention to detail and show you go the extra mile. A nice pocket square can bring a pop of color to an otherwise simple look. 



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