6 Reasons To Consider Made-to-Measure

 In our world of individualized style, the buzz words 'custom' and ‘made-to-measure’ are used with increased frequency as blanketed terms for a wide range of tailored-clothing techniques, but what do they really mean and are you really getting what you’re paying for? Today on Teddy’s Journal we’re discussing the 6 reasons you should consider a made-to-measure garment.

So, what exactly is made-to-measure? Made-to-measure is by far the most predominant tailoring technique in the realm of custom clothing. Offering a superior option to a ready-to-wear or an off the rack garment, made-to-measure pieces are constructed to fit each customer individually by taking a pre-determined pattern and adjusting that pattern based on the client’s own measurements. Most made-to-measure garments offer several points of fit customization, along with a much wider range of styling and fabric options over made-to-order.

So, here are the 6 reasons made-to-measure might just be right for you:

1. You desire something one-of-a-kind

Does the thought of having something unique and special to you get you excited? With a plethora of fabric options, you’ll have the opportunity to choose fabrics that most speak to your personal style while also feeling reassured that no one else in town will have your new piece. That’s right, each fabric chosen will be pulled immediately making sure your garment truly is one-of-a-kind.

2. You have a special occasion coming up

A made-to-measure garment can make your big day just a little bit more special. Fabric libraries are much more extensive when it comes to the realm of custom. Perhaps your bride is set on the perfect pantone she can’t seem to find when looking at traditional ordering books. Made-to-measure allows you a wide range of options to account for those design details.

 You tend to be a difficult fit

Although a good tailor can certainly make adjustments to an off-the-rack piece, there are limitations to any garment. Made-to-measure can be the answer for those seeking to solve fit issues that aren’t easily mitigated by basic alterations. We’ll account for posture adjustments and other various details that might have kept you from fully loving the fit of your garment in times past.

4. You're looking for comfort and customization

Increasing comfort is top of mind as we talk through the features that are most important to the wearer. Will you be wearing this piece in warmer or cooler temperatures? Do you tend to perspire more readily? Perhaps the inclusion of a half rather than a full lining would give you the extra breathability you desire. Adjustments like these are possible within the made-to-measure process.

5. You want the best ROI

You’ll find the most long-term value in your wardrobe by investing in pieces that focus on workmanship versus wasting your money and time on something that may seemingly be a good deal at the time but then needs to be replaced quickly. Without having to replace your garment frequently you will in turn find that you are saving money which allows for extra dollars to put elsewhere to further round out the wardrobe.

6. You prefer a unique experience

Customer experience is everything for us at the shop, and we’re eager to make your experience more than just the simple pointing to a rack and sending you out the door. Our team is available to talk through your made-to-measure questions and preferences to help create the garment you look and feel your best in.

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