Q & A: Wardrobe Refresh

If you are anything like us you’ve found these slower months to be a great catalyst for meaningful conversation. We get asked frequently about our service opportunities here in the shop particularly in the areas of styling and wardrobe refreshments. We thought what better time than now to decode some of the fears and questions that arise when considering changing things up. Now you may not be looking for a total closet overhaul but perhaps bringing some practical tips on how you can improve your look would be helpful.  Maybe last year’s styles just don’t seem to be fitting as right or you’re completely unsure of where to start, these questions and more can be answered in our most recent Q & A with Roosevelt Team members Christopher Gregory and David Christopherson. You can check out the full conversation below.

So, Chris, you’ve been working at the shop for a couple of years at this point. It’s evident you love menswear and consider this to be not only a career but also a hobby. What value have you found in investing into quality pieces?

I’ve found that investing in quality pieces makes clothing much more enjoyable. When you make an investment into the things you wear, each individual piece is special. You also find that you spend less money on clothes in the long run! A high-quality garment will last a long time and prevent you from having to repurchase.

David, you have mentioned before that menswear wasn’t always something you were working in prior to Roosevelt & Co. How has your perspective on menswear shifted when it comes to investing into quality items? What kind of person is a wardrobe refreshment session for?

 Before working at Roosevelt & Co. I dreaded “dressing up”. I always felt that my ‘nicer’ clothes did not fit as they should. Shortly into my career I began realizing that sadly my assumptions were true, my clothes didn’t fit at all. Height and weight factors had always made it difficult for me to find the proper fit. Any time I would get something it would either be a good fit horizontally or vertically but never both.  Working with people who educated me on proper fits for my body type helped me to find better fitting clothes. I now feel comfortable and good about myself in my new wardrobe.

 Dressing up was also challenging for me because I felt most of my clothes were rigid and inhibiting. Working in the industry has allowed me to try on different fabrics, weaves, and fits which helped rid me of the uncomfortable and stuffy aspects I had formerly associated with higher end menswear. Before working here, I had no idea that dress clothes could be so comfortable, now my style reflects that of both comfort and quality. I want others to know that you can have both.

Chris, what type of items would be good for someone to refresh in their wardrobe? Particularly if they were going to just update one piece, what might you recommend?

I believe it’s important for people to stick to the basics when doing a wardrobe refreshment. When it comes to limiting it to one piece, I think that is entirely dependent on that person’s lifestyle. Whether it’s a good pair of jeans, or a nice new suit we’ve got you covered. I think it’s important for guys to understand what kind of wardrobe they want to build before making that call.

What options are available for appointments? How would someone go about scheduling? Are after store hours available? 

We take appointments for many things. Whether it’s a Made-to-Measure appointment, or just a person wanting to get into the store to refresh a piece, it’s always best to make an appointment. This will allow us a chance to block off adequate amount of time to prepare for your wardrobe needs and also give you a seamless experience.  You can schedule an appointment by calling the store and letting us know what time and date works for you, or you can give one of us a call or text.

We are committed to easing your fears on updating your wardrobe and giving you the confidence to know that anything can be learned over time. We hope this Q & A was helpful to you. We are eager to work with you as you assess your wardrobe needs. Book an appointment with us today by giving us a call at the shop (256)203-2440. 

Pictured: David Christopherson (left) and Christopher Gregory (right). 


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