Brand Announcement: Frank Clegg

We are beyond thrilled to introduce our first bespoke leather collection to the shop. Frank Clegg Leatherworks is one of only nine bespoke leather companies in the world and has been made here in America since 1970 out of their Fall River, Massachusetts workshop.

The first time we viewed the collection in New York, we were impressed with not only the collection’s sophisticated lines but the quality of craftsmanship. With limited distribution especially in the Southeast, we are very proud to bring this line to our market including their new Sunbrella® collection which just recently debuted.

So, you might ask what’s so special about Frank Clegg? The short answer is you just need to see it for yourself to fully appreciate the simple, functional designs that bring out the beauty of the materials used for each piece.

However, in the interim until you get a chance to check the collection out for yourself, we can share a few of the unique characteristics that we feel sets Frank Clegg apart from the rest.

Vegetable Tanned Leather: Frank Clegg uses an organic approach to tan their leather. Instead of using chromium salts or metallic-based solutions, they use an exclusive blend of bark extracts, fat liquors, and organic dyes.

French Bull Hides: French Cattle is one of the most desired hides for tanneries. Due to the demographic and free grazing, the quality of the leather is superb - minor insect markings and almost no cuts from barb wire or fencing, which makes for a clean cutting surface and better-quality product.

Drum Dyed: This is a process of dyeing leather where the hides are immersed in dye and tumbled in a rotating drum for hours to ensure full and even penetration of the dyes.

The Finish: Most pieces they use are full grain leather and aniline dyed; meaning the tops of the hides have not been sanded, buffed or snuffed in any way to remove imperfections on the surface of the hide. The grain remains allowing for fiber strength and durability. Aniline dyeing means there is no surface pigment or plastic finishing on the leather retaining the natural look which gives each product a unique look.

The Zippers: This might be one of the first things we noticed when handling the samples at market. The zippers were so easy to handle yet sturdy enough to withstand any rugged or heavy-duty use. Swiss Riri zippers are hand set into each piece to ensure ultimate function and durability.

From our standpoint, Frank Clegg is the perfect balance between quality and value. Although an investment, there’s not many leather makers on the market at this price point for the level of quality. They pride themselves on creating pieces that will last more than just one lifetime. Versatile to boot, the pieces are smart enough to go with a suit but also casual enough to sport with a pair of jeans.

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