Brand Announcement: Martin Dingman

Choosing new brands to bring to the shop can be overwhelming.  At the shows we attend each season there are hundreds upon hundreds of retailers with their product lines on display. Entire convention centers filled to the brim with menswear.

But in the midst of all of that, the thing that stands out, the thing that really resonates with us is passion, history, heritage and family.

Things that our newest leather goods line, Martin Dingman, has in spades.

"Over 30 years ago, while living in North Texas, Martin had the inspiration to build a family company on the foundation of quality, heritage, and his Refined Country Style. The goal…. to become the best, not the biggest.  Constantly striving to create the very finest, he crafted each collection with timeless style, skilled craftsmanship, and an uncompromising attention to detail. Driven by a true labor of love, and the encouragement of loyal customers coast to coast, the company has flourished, and now includes Martin’s wife, three children, a team of highly skilled artisans, and of course, “Henry”, the family Llewellin setter."

Based in the Ozark Mountains with a studio in Branson and a workshop in Northern Arkansas, the Dingman family's creations are often inspired by the beautiful scenery that surrounds their northern Arkansas studio, with a goal to create items that can be used for life.

Many of the pieces in their collection are also heavily inspired by Martin's Grandfather Nickell. Who Martin describes as,

"A weathered man, a man’s man. He trained horses, grew tobacco, and expected the best from himself, as well as others. Even as a young boy, I realized by being around him, that quality mattered! His saddles & bridles, trusty felt fedora and pocketknife, all reflected his personal demand for the best!"

Each stitch and clasp is thoughtfully and carefully chosen to make an impression. Putting quality and style above all else, the family produces some of the best leather goods available on the market today. Products that are meant to be appreciated for a lifetime and worn with love.

"At the end of the day we endeavor to make the finest products and take the best care of our customers. Decisions are not based on what is popular, what is easiest, or what is the least expensive. We make decisions based on the old fashion belief of just doing the right thing." 

Stop by the shop this spring to explore this new line for yourself and experience the love, passion and care that is put into every single product in their collection!

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