Brand Highlight: BRAX


A staple pair of 5 pockets is a versatile component when it comes to a man’s wardrobe. We are excited to highlight one our newest German brands to the shop, BRAX.

Founded by Bernward Leineweber in Berlin in 1888, the company has made a name for itself as a key player in the premium casual clothing segment.

"BRAX is all about passion: A passion for inspiring customers for our products. This passion guides us in every project and all decisions during our day-to-day work. This has enabled us to develop BRAX into a successful casual fashion brand, well beyond our core product - trousers.

Much of the BRAX success can be attributed to their focus on areas of quality, fit and reliability. For a garment that will get the most wear in your closet, you would want nothing less when it comes to a quality pair of pants.

On our online shop you will find two fits: the BRAX Chino and the BRAX 5- pocket. The chino features a unique cotton blend which utilizes both kapok & pima fibers. The kapok fiber being the lightest thermo-regulating natural fiber in the world.

Designed to keep you cool, at home and on the go, these are the perfect pant choice for summer, not to mention they are a part of our Red, White, & Blue Sale going on NOW. You can visit our online shop to explore this new line for yourself and experience the love, passion and care that is put into every single product in their collection.

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