Teddy's Tips for a Successful Closet Overhaul

As the first few days of spring are upon us what better time for a closet overhaul? We understand that the thought of a cleanout can be an overwhelming process, which is why we want to provide you with some tips for how you can tackle the project with ease. In this edition of Teddy’s Journal, we’re bringing you 5 tips that are sure to help you in your closet cleanout. 

Bulk to the back 

Warmer temperatures mean it is time to shed the layers, especially those heavier fabrics. There won’t be a need for your cashmere or tweed pieces for the next several months so start by moving those items to the back of your closet. Ensure you are properly storing your garments to maintain their quality.

Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project’s garment care products were created to help the well-dressed take the best care of their wardrobes. We recommend investing into the shoulder dust covers that will help keep your winter coats safe until next season. Covers are available in both large and medium sizes for the  perfect fit. 

Basics Refresh 

Spring is the best time to take inventory of your basics. Our Backbone of a Business Wardrobe blog can help you determine which basics need to be added and which might need a refreshment. Because a dress shirt is the canvas upon which every great look is built, we recommend investing into 8-10 quality shirts. You can check out our online shop or give us a call if you’re curious about a particular size or style.

Purge The Outdated 

If you haven’t worn a particular garment in several seasons, chances are you don’t need it hanging around collecting dust. There are lots of great local non-profits that could use these pieces. As timing permits we recommend donating your loosely worn items to a couple of our favorite second-hand locations near downtown. Second Mile is a great option for your loosely worn work attire items. If perhaps you are looking to donate everyday outwear pieces, we suggest visiting the Downtown Rescue Mission.


Neutrals Are The perfect base 

Early spring especially those cooler temp days can be difficult to figure out which color way you should be putting on.  Neutrals are the perfect choice on these days as you aren’t screaming spring is here and you aren’t still stuck in those winter threads either. When in doubt monochromatic pairings are always a good idea.

Throw In Some Color

Don’t be afraid to add pops of color to the line-up as well.  A little color goes a long way.  Pairing some subtle color with a neutral palette can definitely make a statement.  Think about a fun patterned hybrid shirt or a bright tie to liven things up this time of year.  For those more casual days, a soft hue of green or blue five pockets is a great way to tip toe into spring. Last but not least consider investing into some accessories that will add some interest to your look.  This is an inexpensive way to add some new life to the same pieces you donned last spring!

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