Crafting Your Closet Capsule

With the start to any new year, it’s a great time to overhaul and refresh the closet – and let’s face it, this year particularly! Whether you need to rid the closet of things you realized in 2020 you will never wear again or you just need to ditch the sweat pant look, this is the perfect time to curate a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.

Building a wardrobe capsule might look a little different for each of our clients; however, we feel there are a few core pieces that should be in any man’s closet. Think here a tightly edited collection of clothes that gives you the biggest bang for your buck!

The Benefits of Creating Your Own Personal Capsule:

Less Clutter in your Closet: Rid yourself of things you just will not wear by focusing on things that are versatile.

Easier to Get Dressed each Morning: When you clear out the clutter and work with pieces that compliment and coordinate well together, there are less distractions, and it is much easier to pull a look together.

No Need to Worry about Faddish Trends: Key capsule pieces are meant to stand the test of time and will look great for years to come.

We’ve identified here a few key pieces we feel are not only versatile but also mix-and-match easily to create multiple looks with minimal effort. That’s the endgame, right?

1. Neutral Colored ChinosA staple piece for every guy's wardrobe. Not too serious and it can fill a lot of roles. A nice neutral colored chino is something you can wear all year in many different scenarios without even thinking about it!


2. A Mid-Dark Wash Denim - A versatile mid to dark wash denim is a great go-to item for casual wear or to pair with a soft coat for a nice dinner date.


3. Mid Grey and Navy Dress Trousers - Sure to be one of the first pieces you have in mind when creating a more tailored look, a nice navy or grey trouser will be the foundation of your attire.


4. Dress Shirts - Having dress shirts is essential to a wardrobe. Starting with your solids and venturing off into subtle patterns will give you a wide array of shirts to choose from. 


5. A Go-To Blazer - This is another foundation piece we recommend in a hopsack which is a bit better at transitioning from casual to dress wear.


6. A Great Fitting Suit - Plain and simple, a great fitting suit is a staple in any wardrobe. Start with a basic solid and you can get more adventurous from there with accessories!


7. Basic T-shirts in Charcoal, White, and Navy - A simple solid colored t-shirt is an essential piece for casual wear.

8. A Few Casual Button-ups - While some casual shirts can be worn with a sport coat, you need a few in the closet that can truly shine when effortlessly paired with a five pocket or denim.


9. A Versatile Loafer - Something that can be worn with a tailored look or even paired with denim is the perfect loafer to add to your capsule.


Have additional questions or would like to work with one of our team members to curate your perfect wardrobe capsule? Stop by or call the store for an appointment.

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