Fabrics For Fall

With a new season comes new trends and new fabrics! This fall we've seen some stunning fabrics from the expected merino wool to a new take on the classic corduroy. Take a look below as we delve into these fabrics and show you why each one is unique! 


Bouclé Sport Coats

Bouclés are known for their comfort and soft feel, so it's only natural that a coat made of it would have a soft relaxed feel! Due to the nature of a bouclé, both of these coats have such a rich depth to them. One can't help but appreciate the level of craftmanship that goes into making these incredible garments.



Corduroy Reimagined

This certainly isn't the corduroy you're used to. Typically in a corduroy you see well, cords. Elongated near parallel wales of fabric spanning the length of the pant. With these five pockets, parallel was kicked to the curb giving the pant more of a birds eye pattern while still retaining all the comfort of a corduroy! 



Superfine Merino Sweaters

The merino wool sweater is a staple in all gentlemen's wardrobes, but most men won't have a sweater as light as this one! With their lighter weight, these sweaters are perfect for layering on those days where it's a bit cool in the morning and warmer by lunch. The duality that this piece maintains with it's weight and comfort is truly unmatched.



Grenadine Ties

You can always spot a grenadine tie by it's light, open and almost gauze-like weave. These ties can be found in solids and patterns making them easy to pair with a variety of colors. The unique weave adds a nice layer of sophistication to any coat, formal or casual!

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