Fighting A Casual Mindset


With an ongoing crisis, it’s important to take inventory of the ways you have become increasingly relaxed. Have you noticed that last year’s sweatpants have become your daily uniform or does your usual optimism seem subpar? We get it, no one saw a global pandemic on the horizon of a new year and although we may wish 2020 to be behind us the fact is it’s still here to stay for a while longer. So, in light of the crisis and many factors still being unknown, how will you approach the remainder of the year?

Identifying ways in which you have become casual in your dress and mindset can be a good place to start. The great news is you have 4 months to leave the kind of mark you'll be proud of on the year. Taking ground back over your life can be as simple as making some minor adjustments.  Here are a just a few we recommend to get you started.


 1.Upgrade the sweatpants.

We understand that for many of you home has become your new office space. This doesn’t mean you have to slip into the mindset that putting yourself together is a waste of time. Studies confirm that how you present yourself (even if it is to your dog) has much to do with your performance level. So how can you make an upgrade? Invest into a comfortable and quality pair of pants. We recommend trying Brax 5 pockets. 

2. Write it down.

Don't let your mindset slip into a place of redundancy and dread. How will you choose to move forward despite the current circumstances?  Take time to revisit the goals you set at the start of the year. How can you realistically adjust those to reflect reasonable goals that still demand you to rise to the challenge yet aren't so lofty that they leave you feeling discouraged to complete them. 

3.Trade the T-shirt for a polo.

Polish off your at home look with a breathable polo. Sunspel and Tasc are two brands that account for maximum breathability. This means you can take the dog for an afternoon walk and still be presentable for that conference call at noon. 

What adjustments are you making that are setting you up to finish the year strong? Share them with us! We'd love to hear from you. 

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