Getting Back To The Office

After everything that has happened this last year returning to the office has been on everyone's mind, and the time is finally here. We've seen people from all industries using this as an opportunity to reinvent their wardrobe and how they dress professionally. Having the chance to take a step back into the office after this long, carrying yourself with confidence is something that doesn't come around often so make the most of it with these key wardrobe pieces!


1. A Versatile Line-up Of Pants

Having reliable and versatile pants will help with the transition of going from the comfort of your home to the office. Try to focus on a few key pieces that are unique and will also pair well with several items in your closet.  To us, a core line of pants consist of a mix of five pockets, chinos and dress trousers.  We advise to stick with neutral colors here such as gray, blue and various shades of khaki.


2. Don't Forget About Your Feet

With most of us foregoing the dress shoes while working from home our feet aren't conditioned for returning back to an entire work day in them. Try looking for a quality shoe that has good support with features to make the day more bearable. Many shoes now are made with more supple uppers and shock absorbing soles. These updates makes for a lightweight shoe that will be comfortable to wear all day. We love these dress loafers from Alan Payne, which are made from a soft deer skin and finished with an XL-Extralight sole to make a lightweight and durable shoe.


3. A Coat In A High Twist Fabric 

A high twist fabric is a cloth that's yarns are spun together at a higher tension. This tension creates a little space between each thread allowing air to easily flow through the garment. High twist yarns are usually spun in 2’s, 3’s, or 4’s giving the fabric more body and more resistance to wrinkling as well. Being a cooler, more breathable, and wrinkle resistant fabric they're perfect for those who are always on the go. Another benefit is that the increased tension of the yarn will make a more durable garment that, under the same wear, will last longer than most traditionally worsted materials.

4. A New Look 

Whether you got a little shaggy from working from home or you're just trying to switch up your appearance, a fresh updated cut will do the trick! You don't have to go out and make a drastic change, just a simple update can help elevate your back-to-work look!  Click Here to make an appointment with our Master Barber Berto!

5. Add Something Fun!

Show how excited you are to see coworkers with a fun shirt or even tie to show off your new-found style. You'll be surprised at how much energy you can bring to the office with a new pattern, print, or color!


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