Gifts for Men

Every now and again a special event or the reaching of a significant milestone arrives for the men in our lives. A friend gets married or a birthday pops up and we think to ourselves "what on earth do I get him?" We know it's not quite holiday season but it sure is nice to know what local gift options are available when you're in need of one. We've compiled a list of just a few of our favorite gift options below.

Moore & Giles Travel Golf Scorebook: Keep track of every detail with this portable golf score book. Beautifully bound, this pocket notebook is a handy log for a roving scratch golfer. 

Moore & Giles Hanging Dopp Kit: This clever hanging wash kit will keep travel accessories organized and out of the way while you are on the road.

NEW! Roosevelt Supply Co. Roosevelt Supply Co. started with premium beard care products and has expanded into a full line of grooming products, candles, fragrances and accessories, all inspired by national parks. As an Eagle Scout, company owner, Jason Kloess spent a great deal of his time hiking, canoeing, sailing and sleeping under the stars. RSCo. is his way of giving back and supporting national parks. 

Gunmetal Double Edge Safety Razor: Eliminate bumps, nicks and shaving irritation with the double edged safety razor. Featuring a single blade for optimal shaving and less irritation, this safety razor lasts forever and shaves like none other! Eco friendly and precise, this safety razor is the ultimate in shaving. Easy to use and perfect for both men and women.

Clear Ice Sphere Maker: Just when you thought things couldn't get any cooler, Roosevelt Supply Co. rolls out their crystal clear ice balls. Made for that bottle of bourbon you've been waiting to open, that special occasion, or because it's been a long day and you deserve it. Slow-melting ice that keeps your cocktail at the perfect temperature and won't dilute your drink.

Moore & Giles Donald Dopp Kit: The Donald Wash Kit is the Swiss Army Knife of travel accessories: simple, useful & handsome.

Huntsville Scribe Journals: We are so excited to partner with The Scribes to carry their Huntsville edition journals inside the shop. As the hometown of one of the company's co-founders, Huntsville is a special place in which their company seeks to give back. Each journal purchased will give back to a local Huntsville student in need. Local schools and organizations that have received support thus far have included: Morris Elementary, Boys and Girls Club, and Women in Defense Fund (TN Valley Chapter). 

Montana Artisan Wine Openers: Montana Artisan's hand crafted wine openers are much more than an ordinary corkscrew! These wine openers are the perfect gift for wine lovers! 
See something you like? Give us a call or stop by the shop and we'll gift wrap it for you. 

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