Hiking Huntsville: Teddy's Favorites for Trails, Views, & Picnics

The Foothills of The Appalachian Mountains

Welcome to Huntsville, AL. "Rocket City". "Number One Place to Live in AL and the U.S.A.". You've heard our wonderful city referred to in many grand and positive lights, so, how about a little shoutout to some of what the locals love?! The great outdoors, nature's exercise, breathtaking views, and many locations to check out week after week.

North Plateau Loop

This is the perfect trail for a day out with the kids. The loop takes you along at an easy pace with a wandering path, inclusive of a stop-off at the overlook. Enjoy a picnic before returning to the car.

Stone Cuts Trail

More of an intermediate trail to enjoy with folks who have an interest in rocky narrows and a natural cool breeze. Start off on the Sinks Trail and take the split following signage.

Monte Sano Waterline Trail

The Waterline Trail is about 1.5 miles in length and most appreciated by those who don't mind working for their view. Starting at the top of Monte Sano and leading down to three caves at the bottom. Don't forget to leave enough in your reserve for that return hike back up to head home.  

Long Trail- Arrowhead

The longest trail from our recommendations has a reward along the way, the natural well. Need to cheat the distance? You can enter the trail and peek at the well from the Panorama Dr. entrance.

Welcome to the month of May in Huntsville. ENJOY THE HIKE!

*photos from Alabama Tourism and Travel

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