How To Get The Most ROI Out Of Your Wardrobe

As we enter this new year and begin to think about reviewing our 2018 personal budgets, it may not occur to us to consider reviewing our closet at well.  However, we believe this is the perfect time to also review our wardrobe as well and consider what sort of ROI we're getting on the garments we're putting into them.

The concept of ROI is something we're all familiar with using when considering business ventures, real estate investments, and the like; however, how often do you think about the return on investment when buying a new suit, sport coat or pair of jeans?

And although the actual garments you buy may not increase in value in a traditional sense, as your wardrobe advisors, we feel it’s important to consider a few simple principles when purchasing a garment or updating your closets for the year ahead so you can get the most out of your investment!

Principle #1 - Consider The Price Per Wear

Above all else, the construction and quality of every garment you purchase is paramount in guaranteeing its longevity in your wardrobe. In tailored clothing, seek out half canvas and full canvas garments that will mold to your body versus the more rigid and less expensive fused construction. When building a wardrobe, select from the highest quality natural fabrics you can afford - Super 100’s or better wool-based garments for suits, sport coats and trousers and long staple cotton for shirtings. You’ll find the most long-term value in your wardrobe by investing in pieces that focus on workmanship versus wasting your money and time on something that may seemingly be a good deal at the time, but then need to be replaced quickly.

Principle #2 - Consider Styling & Versatility

As dress codes continue to blur, determining what is business appropriate, as well as which key wardrobe staples to invest in, has become more confusing than ever.  However, building a wardrobe diversified around your daily needs - whether they be business, travel, or socially minded - is the smartest means of creating versatility in your closet.  Staples like a mid weight wool navy blazer or similar weight sport coat, with an updated slightly softer shoulder can take you from a day at the office, to dinner with the family and have quickly become our one of our most sought-after wardrobe essentials.  Additionally, another key component to maximizing your wardrobe's versatility is investing in garments with year-round fabric weights before diving into too many seasonal selections (i.e. linens, flannels, moleskin, etc.), ensuring you get the most wear out of each piece.  Finally, we recommend reviewing the life cycle of every garment and being mindful of any slight style updates that may be needed - that ten-year-old sport coat may still fit at the waist but the padding at the shoulders, width of the lapels and button placement may all be sending signals that it is a bit dated.

Principle #3 - Consider Comfort & Fit

No matter how well constructed or versatile, an ill-fitting garment will get little play time in your day to day wear. Although a good tailor can do wonders to customizing an off-the-rack piece, there are limitations to any garment. The foundation of fit in any suit jacket, sport coat and shirt will be at the chest & shoulders - often times, sleeves can be altered and the waist can be tweaked to ensure the perfect fit elsewhere. The notion that the more room one has in a garment, the more comfortable it will be is a common myth; in actuality, comfort comes more so from your range of movement which is determined by the shape and placement of the shoulder and sleeve head on a jacket or shirt. In dress trousers, five pockets and denim, it is the fit through the seat and rise that we want to focus - pant length, waist and even the tapering of a leg can all be adjusted accordingly. The majority of trouser brands we’ve selected for the shop feature a fully alterable waistband and a touch of stretch elastane to guarantee absolute comfort. With a full range of classic, athletic and slim fit preferences - in addition to the introduction of our custom & made-to-measure programs - every garment you consider can be tailored to your needs.

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ only rings true when bearing these concepts in mind. Value can certainly be a relative term; however, no matter your budget, your closet and the garments in it should be indicative of any other investment you make. So, as we enter the new year with our best feet forward, consider how you can make your wardrobe work for you. And if you’d like help navigating those waters, we’re here to ensure the investments you make are sound!

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