Ingredients for Creating a Well-Appointed, Masculine Space

We are thrilled to have our very talented friend Kelly Butler with K Butler Interiors to guest blog this month.  She has graciously outlined a few tips for our readers on how to create the perfect masculine space – one you will want to spend time in and share with others along the way! 

Whether you are working on a new bachelor pad, a relaxing space to watch football with the guys, a sophisticated study to unwind at the end of the day, or a handsome bar area to enjoy a nighttime cocktail - these tips can help ensure your space is well appointed and one to remember.

1. Don’t be afraid of dark colors

Bold, distinguished colors are an appropriate choice for a handsome, masculine space. They provide a cozy, yet moody feel and set the perfect backdrop to build a room around. Rich tones of blues, browns, greens, or grays are all good choices.

2. Mixing materials

Varying the materials used in a room helps to add interest and character to your space. Be sure to layer in texture by blending rich leathers with soft fabrics in different patterns and hues. Incorporating a mix of wood tones, leathers, and a touch of industrial metal accents keeps it interesting and creates a refined palette that will stand the test of time. And remember a little rustic can go a long way.

3. Lighting is key

Appropriate lighting is often an element overlooked but is something that can really set the tone of the room. Selecting unique, intriguing fixtures and utilizing overhead, task, & accent lighting can really elevate your space to the next level. Bigger is typically better in regards to lighting.

4. Details make a difference

Art and accessories bring personality and a well-collected vibe so don’t skimp on the details. These final touches are a great way to showcase your personal interests. Framed bird prints, antique maps, a bowl of vintage matchboxes, a trophy collection on the bookcase, taxidermy from a hunting trip - these are all details that bring personality to your space and make it feel unique.


K Butler Interiors was born out of a passion for bringing beauty and detail to life. Kelly has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design and works with clients to explore creative possibilities that translate into timeless, yet practical interiors.

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