Spring Family Photos

Be it at Grandma’s request or it is just time to update that family heirloom photo above the fireplace, spring photo sessions are here and there is certainly work to be done to outfit the family. In an effort to simplify the the day, let’s discuss a basic 4 step process that never fails to deliver on style while letting your family shine.


1. Choose a base color and a complimenting color and be sure to move both around the photo, letting them be present with each person. 

2. Select a solid, a print, and a stripe using both colors of choice.

3. Decide who wears what. EXAMPLE: Mom in a floral navy and coral dress with a gold necklace, Dad in tan pants with plaid navy and coral sportcoat and striped pocket square, Daughter in navy and coral striped dress with floral headband, Son in navy shorts with coral plaid shirt and navy deck shoes, Dog in matching bow tie collar.

4. To guarantee a smooth morning, steam all attire the night before and set your alarm with plenty of cushion for pop up problems with buttons, hair, and the dog. Better still, schedule an afternoon photo shoot!


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