Sweater Season

A merino sweater is a cold weather staple. It is the perfect piece to throw over a dress shirt to make an otherwise mundane look more refined. This season we went with some colors that are timeless and elegant, but not the norm. The rich burgundy of the sweater David is wearing is dark enough to be a dressy piece, but it is an unique color that will stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It pairs best with darker shades of khaki, browns, navy, and mid to dark gray tones. The other crew in the sage color that we have is in the same wheelhouse. The color isn’t too striking, but will definitely stand out. There’s nothing wrong with a little splash of color! This piece pairs best with darker shades of blue, various shades of gray, and brown.


 1/4 zip pullovers are a pretty common thing in the menswear space. They are another staple piece in any guys wardrobe, so it’s important to have a few versatile options! Our favorite piece in this category this season is from Billy Reid. With the subtle addition of their signature ribbon on the elbow, this piece is as understated as it gets. It is truly a gentleman’s piece. The simple gray color makes it a chameleon. It will go with practically any color you’ve got in your closet.


This piece from Seaward & Stearn is a beauty. The rich brown base with the subtle navy accent makes it incredibly easy to wear. Chris decided to pair it under a sport coat, which is never a bad idea, but it can just as easily be worn without. This sweater is knitted from super fine merino wool giving it an incredible hand. This piece is different than the average sweater, and that’s why we love it.


This last sweater in our lineup is another chameleon piece. This piece is a bit more of a striking shade of brown, but still very easy to wear. It can be worn by itself or layered over an easy dress shirt, and there really isn’t a right answer to how to wear it. David chose to pair it with his Brax 5-pockets and a pair of Chelsea boots for a nice elevated casual look. The rusty brown color to this sweater is one of our favorite things about it.

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