Three Pieces You Need This Fall

With the fall season upon us, it’s time to look at your wardrobe and make sure it’s as ready for the new season as you are. If you're anything like us, you've already been dreaming of lower temps, fall colors and finally getting to pull your favorite flannel back out of the closet. Beyond the regular staples, here are a few pieces we believe are a must for the upcoming season.

The Lightweight Knit. We’re all about layering here at Roosevelt and Co. We want our wardrobes to reach further than one look which is why our first must have for fall is a lightweight knit. The crew neck is the perfect silhouette for this season. There has been an emphasis on colored knits that transition from a simple five pocket to an added layer beneath a sport coat this season, and for us it’s the little details that will make this work. One of our favorites is the Burgundy honeycomb crewneck with ribbed neck, hem and sleeves from Stone Rose. It is the perfect color embodying all things fall but also transitions into a subdued under layer.

Earth-toned 5 Pocket. Looking at the color palettes for this season we noticed a lot of rich earth tones. We’re loving the subdued tones especially when it comes to our pant choices. A staple pair of 5 pockets is going to be a versatile component when it comes to your wardrobe. Pair them with a basic tee or dress them up with a button down and sport coat, they’ll look good through it all. One of our favorites is the Billy Reid rubber corduroy featuring a smaller wale than your traditional cord. They offer you the look of a corduroy but feel more like your traditional twill.

Seasonal Sport Coat. Our final piece is a great seasonal sport coat. The amount of pattern and texture guys can get away with in the fall and winter months gives them a lot more freedom with their clothing choices. A nice textured sport coat will elevate a fall wardrobe dramatically. One major detail we’re noticing this season are vent placements. There has been a resurgence of the classic center vent on a lot of casual coats to give a simpler silhouette. Southwick is a favorite for us with their hook vent. This season we were able to create a completely unlined coat with a single vent, which will serve as a nice fall casual piece.

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