Wearing A Gray Sport Coat

In the world of sport coats blue is king. You walk into any better men’s store in the country, and you will see blue in its many iterations combined with browns, greens, and even other shades of blue. Over the last five years, we’ve done our best to be purveyors of unique and tasteful garments. Introducing styles and concepts that are a little outside the box for our area, but we believe will translate well throughout time.

One thing we are really loving this season is the gray sport coat. It is something that you traditionally haven’t seen too often but is just as easy to wear as those familiar blues! Gray is usually reserved for suiting and dress trousers, but this fall there has been a huge influx of gray on the sport coat scene. We brought in a few amazing gray sport coats to show the versatility and how each can be worn so differently!

This coat here is one of our favorites. It is a great bouclé weave made in a totally soft model, so it wears like a dream. This coat is a perfect complement to denim. Pairing it with a nice dark jean, a button down and a suede oxford is a great way to dress up a bit without going to a full tailored look. You can also pair it with a sneaker for an even more relaxed look!

Although we love this coat with denim, it still makes a tailored look seem so right. Here we went for a simple monochromatic gray. Mainly gray tones combined to create a look that is very neutral but still strong and unique. The texture of the wool tie further exemplifies the bouclé weave and the overall fall feel of this look.

Although this coat is slightly more on the dressier side, it also has many applications outside of that. Here we pair it with a blue 5-pocket, and it wears just as well as it would with a trouser! Being able to wear a coat with 5-pockets and denim is so important in today’s age of sport coats.

For a dressier look, we would style this coat with a navy, gray, brown, or even a camel colored trouser. One thing we point out to guys when we’re showing this coat is it wears just like a navy. They have very similar complementary colors, and with blue being an accent color on this coat, it just further reinforces the similarity!

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  • Koi

    Generally speaking, for most occasions and combinations, is a darker coat-lighter trouser OR lighter coat-darker trouser the better option? Much Thanks and looking forward to to shopping with you!

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