What’s Trending for Spring 2019

We recently returned from our bi-annual trip to New York in which we viewed collections for next spring and summer. We saw some amazing pieces and even happened upon a few new lines we are very excited to share with you in the coming months.

And of course, there were a few trends that stood out we couldn’t wait to share with you! Several of these trends you will notice carrying over from what you will see this coming Fall while other trends might be a little more short lived and probably not something you can expect to see in the shop next season. Nonetheless, we wanted to share the top trends you can expect for Spring ’19.

Color, Color, Color

Shades of green will continue to be strong. The olive green that will be a stand out this upcoming Fall will carry over straight into Spring. Several lines are brightening up the olive trend with beautiful hues of mint green as a lighter, brighter option for Spring.

Of course, in menswear blues are always in; it’s more a question of which shade of blue to expect. We are seeing a movement toward slate blue. Beautiful hints of greyish blues were really noticed in each collection we saw especially for suiting. Hickey Freeman had some amazing fabrics that are sure to be stand outs.

And last but certainly not least, nice pops of pinks were sprinkled throughout collections. From blush to deep rose, the various shades of pink added nice color to next season’s collections. Hopefully a great color choice as well for your closet to add a little diversity from the usual suspects of blues and greens.

Twist on Casual Pants

One trend we noticed very quickly was a shift toward drawstrings both in casual pants and shorts. If done well, this can be a nice (and comfortable) casual look; however, many of the pieces we saw in this style were less than impressive. Before jumping on this trend, we suggest waiting another season or two for lines to perfect models and see if the trend will actually stick. We will say that Ballin had a nice linen blend option in this model that was pretty spot on.

And, speaking of Ballin, they showed a killer collection. We are very excited to bring in some new styles next Spring from them!

The Double-Breasted Jacket

The double-breasted jacket is back (at least for the moment)! We see this being more of a short-lived trend and not something that will become too mainstream. However, don’t get us wrong, it’s an old school classic style and if done well in the right fit for a gent, it’s a refined look that can stand the test of time.

Performance Wear is Everywhere

It seems everyone these days is jumping on the performance wear band wagon and that’s certainly not a bad thing especially for us in the deep South with high temps and lots of humidity. Previously, you would only really see performance wear knits and poplins from lines that are known for their performance wear technology (e.g. Tasc, Mizzen + Main, etc.). Now, it seems everyone is jumping on this trend stretching the boundaries with various fabrics and styles. We came across several new pieces we are excited to share next Spring!

Shifts in Shoes

As you will see this Fall, the push toward a hybrid dress shoe remains strong next Spring as well. You will see traditional dress shoe uppers on more of a sneaker bottom. It’s built to be a lifestyle shoe; wear with your suit to the office, wear with a pair of five pockets or jeans on the weekend – all while on the comfort of a cushiony sneaker bottom.

We are also seeing traditional dress shoes and even loafers on a thicker lug sole. From our perspective this is not our favorite trend as a thick sole tends to look clunky. We say save the lug bottom soles for your boots and stick with a traditional sole (whether leather or rubber) for the office.

Lastly, the sneaker trend we have seen the past few seasons continues to be strong. We don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. A nice cognac leather sneaker you can never go wrong with!


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