The Dad Who Has Everything

Luxury Wooden Hangers & Garment Care

Kirby Allison’s Hanger Project’s luxury wooden hangers and garment care products were created to help the well-dressed take the best care of their wardrobes.  One size does not fit all when it comes to clothing, so investing in properly sized, contoured hangers is essential to prolonging the life of your suits, jackets and trousers.  Hangers available in three different finishes for the perfect addition to your closet. Price ranges: $15-40 per hanger

Montana Artisan Wine Opener

Situated in the pristine Bitterroot Valley in Southwestern Montana, Montana Artisan produces some of the finest handcrafted products made of the highest quality stainless steel and wood. $110

Frank Clegg Collection

Frank Clegg Leatherworks is one of only nine bespoke leather companies in the world and has been made here in America since 1970 out of their Fall River, Massachusetts workshop.  From our standpoint, Frank Clegg is the perfect balance between quality and value.  Their products are made to last more than a lifetime!  From carry-on bags to dopp kits and wallets, we have a great selection to chose from for the dad in your life. $275-$700

Barker Cherry Valet Box

Barker has created the perfect valet box with everything a dad needs to take care of his shoe collection. The Valet box contains a cloth, shoe horn, multiple suede brushes, shoe cream,and polishing brushes. Also contains the following beeswax polishes (best polishes on the market might we add!):  Black, Brown, Burgundy, Tan & Neutral.  $190

Royal Highnies Lounge Pants

Who doesn’t love premium loungewear? Super soft and exactly what every man needs to wind down at the end of the day or spend a few extra hours lounging the morning away. The full-length lounge pants are comfortable and stylish. Crafted from the famous Pima cotton cloth, they’ve taken your favorite boxers and extended them, making it acceptable to wear undies all the time. $82

A custom garment

For the dad who has everything and appreciates having a special garment made just for him, give him the gift of custom this Father's Day.  From belts and jeans to dress shirts and suits, we’ve got you covered.  Remember, once a sport coat or suit fabric is selected, that fabric is pulled so it truly is a one-of-a-kind piece.