The Whiskey Enthusiast

VAILD Norlan Glasses

These are by far the coolest whiskey glasses you will find this Holiday season for the price!  The featherweight double-walled structure offers a seamless integration of a scientifically performing inside with an aesthetically beautiful outside…all for the perfect whisky drinking experience!  $ 58 (set of 2)

Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

The newest creation from Norlan, and we are thrilled to present the Rauk tumbler to Huntsville this Holiday season.  Taking its name from the Old Scottish word for “Rock,” the glass has been developed for whisky drinkers who prefer their spirit chilled, whether with an ice sphere or simply on the rocks.  Sure to be a sell-out!  $50 (individual)

Whiskey Stirrers

These stirrers have been a best seller from day 1 of having Whiskey Wood products in our shop!  If a man likes bourbon or scotch, he will enjoy using these stirrers (even if he likes it neat!) The stirrers not only help to aerate the whiskey but also provides a touch of a smoky undertone allowing the nose to breath and pallet to loosen before consumption.  $25

Ranger Station Candles

Yes, these candles are the perfect gift for the whiskey enthusiast – the candles are poured in a rocks glass, so once he’s finished using the candle in his office or man cave he can use as his next rock’s glass.   With four different scents to choose from, we’ve got you covered on the perfect one for the man in your life (or you pick the scent you like best!) $36

Leather Flask

Moore & Giles leather-wrapped stainless steel flask is as handsome as it is discrete. Great for celebrating on the go!  $105

Leather Coasters

Serve up cocktails in style with these luxurious leather coasters.  Available in a few of our favorite leathers from Moore & Giles, they feature brown suede on the underside to prevent slippage.  A beautiful walnut box offers the perfect storage for in between gatherings.  $125