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Teddy On The Town: Fitness Edition

Downtown Huntsville continues to grow by the day and with that have come countless new restaurant and entertainment offerings. As always, we want to keep you updated on all of the wonderful things there are to do and see in this beautiful city.  We recognize how full your calendar and weekly schedule can be and sometimes there’s nothing that helps more than finding a place to break a sweat. This week we are bringing to you Teddy on the Town: Fitness Edition. So, whether you’re new to the city, looking for a break from work or simply wanting to make some friends while crushing your fitness goals, here are a few places in downtown worth checking out.  9 Round Located conveniently...

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Teddy On The Town: The Entertainment Edition

With the weather finally starting to cooperate, luring us out and about, we thought it would be a great time to highlight some of the amazing entertainment venues and activities we are fortunate to have in downtown Huntsville. As we started outlining some of our favorite venues, we quickly realized whether you are looking for a family friendly option or a place to hang with the guys, the possibilities have grown exponentially over the past few years!   MUSIC VENUES Humphrey’s Bar and Grill:  A downtown staple, Humphrey’s is the perfect location to hear live music any day of the week from acoustic folk to rock-n-roll.  No better patio to lounge and listen on a beautiful day.  We wish them...

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Teddy On The Town: The Food Edition

We get inquiries all the time about where to eat in downtown Huntsville – whether it’s visitors from out of town wanting a great cool lunch spot or clients that have lived here all their life but don’t get downtown to dine much and interesting in trying out a new place. As more and more fun and exciting eateries are opening downtown, we wanted to highlight a few of our personal favorites (both those that have been serving the community for years and those newcomers that just popped up on the scene) making sure you know about all the amazing places to dine downtown. BREAKFAST Honest Coffee Roasters: Honest Coffee Roasters came on the scene not long after we opened...

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